Posteado por: testing4u | febrero 2, 2005

Free yourself

It all began a month ago or so. While searching for some good porn I found a picture that really had a strange effect on me: it turned me on the way nothing else has ever done. I don’t think I am a pervert or something, I just masturbate several times a week and like sex. I imagine myself having intercourse, kissing, licking, touching. My fantasies are constant, as I know they are for anybody my age.

Anyway, that image I was first talking about (which, by the way, I used for my porpuses several times with more than satisfactory results) made me think about myself, about my life. Not only my life as somebody who masturbates, but my life as a whole. I mean, I could spend half my life just going on, going nowhere and having all these thoughts enclosed in my head. My parents never talked with me about sex or drugs. They just let it all happen. I don’t’ mean they are responsible for nothing, but talking with me would have helped me to feel free.

Who am I? I’m just a normal guy, and I think you might have a problem believing me. It’s OK for me, it’s not my problem. But I imagine you might wonder who I am, and what’s the purpose of this blog. Well, first I don’t think anybody cares really about me, my identity. Second, in this blog I want to share my thoughts, my experiences with the sweet and confusing act of self-pleasuring.



  1. Who are you? Interesting thoughts . . . and what about that pic . . What was it that it had you so mesmorized?


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