Posteado por: testing4u | febrero 19, 2005


Something I know for sure is I would like to think about sex and drugs as something good, something that is just a part of me and everybody’s life. I would like to feel happy, not guilty. I would like to share my experiences, not hide them, because I would love to remember without feeling alone, without feeling bad.

I think self pleasuring is a very important part of living. I know for sure it is in not a goal in life nor it is the best part of all, but it is a way to know ourselves, our limits and to excercise freedom. It is also something we can share with others, like our friends or the people we love. When you feel pleasure you are happier, no doubt about it. But it is necessary to keeo your mind clean, your vision clear. To be tue to yourself while you are doing it.

I think the most important reason for a person to act this way, to look for something they enjoy is because they want to feel good, to be happy, to fulfill something they need. It is in the end a psycological need, it is a part of being us.



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