Posteado por: testing4u | octubre 3, 2005

Finding myself

Sometimes I lose myself. I don´t know where I´m going. It is not easy to be myself, to do all the things I should do, to keep going. It seems like everything should be easy, when you see people all around you doing what thy do every day, every moment, and they look good while doing it. I mean, they look at least sane, while I feel a little piece of me is dying every moment. When I decided to start this blog I wasn´t sure what I was doing. Now I know I just want to find a way of self expression. A couple of weeks ago I found this piece of text in a webpage:

” When I was 14 years old, skateboarding saved my life. It empowered me with individuality and a very physical, yet positive and productive form of self expression. As a professional skater, I see it as my job to pass on that torch of inspiration. So I get in the car or on the plane and I go. Drive is the story of my life in skateboarding and one the road. It’s about my mission to make a positive difference. I believe that young people all over the world are worth my time and energy. They are the future, and so I do what I do and I am who I am. My name is Mike Vallely. I’m a skateboarder.”

I was feeling very bad back then, and it helped. It made a difference in my way of thinking. I had to hold tears back beacouse the moment I read that I understood myself.



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