Posteado por: testing4u | noviembre 14, 2005

Never by yourself

Just last Monday I felt like drinking. I had nowhere to go, so I did it while walking home from school. It may be appear pathetic to some, but for me it was a very pleasing experience. It was quiet, lonely, soothing and in many ways, happier than I had previously thought. The sun of the evening was cool, the way I took home was beautiful and there was very few people around, yet I felt safe. For me, that was life made an instant.

I took this photo that day, just before getting home.

I repeated the experience the next day, and it was very soothing too. I remember there are several times I had done this before, I have drunk alone in the park, in the street, hidden in my bedroom when there is nobody at home. I am not a heavy drinker (maybe that`s hard to believe for you) and I usually don’t go to parties, bars or the like. So I think that almost half the times I have drunk have been by myself. But then I found someone who said about drugs: “do it whenever you want to, just never by yourself. That’s when you know you are addict.” I think it’s funny, maybe it has meaning, perhaps I am addict in a way.



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