Posteado por: testing4u | septiembre 19, 2006


I had not had the pleasure of drinking alcohol in some time, in fact several months. But last friday I did it, it happened with some of my classmates. It was just some kind of boring party and at first I thought I really should not have gone in there. I am not good talking to people. Ussually that does not affect me, I’ve lived my life that way for a long time. But I was just felling a bit sad because somehow I was not being myself. That led me to decide to drink, I drank a bit slowly, not as much as some other times. That made me happy, I laughed like never in that party. That did not change the fact that I was alone, but I was happy.

I understood at last what it can mean for other people, to party, to drink and just laugh. It is a very social experience (for others), it can be relaxing. For me… well I just don’t care about the others, at least not that people. They were nobody for me just as I was nobody for them.



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