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Watchmen film is huge, awkward, and pitch-perfect

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Fans of Alan Moore’s wonderful—if over-analyzed—graphic novel Watchmen need not worry: the spirit and soul of the work has been brought to the screen by director Zach Snyder and team. There were multiple places during the nearly three-hour film where one is struck by the sheer audacity of the thing, like Rorschach, this is a piece of art that doesn’t do much compromising.

The film takes place in a alternate America where Nixon is president, the human race is a heartbeat away from nuclear annihilation, and masked heroes patrol the streets. Or, at least, they used to before a law made these vigilantes illegal. Then one day The Comedian, a government-sanctioned violence-addict with a penchant for large guns and rough sex, is killed in his home. Rorschach, another “hero” who never hung up his ever-changing mask, thinks that this could be the start of something very sinister.

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